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    How Can We Test Whether Our Immune System Would Defeat Covid-19?

    First of all, we are glad to see that you are here. It indicates that you are currently taking Covid-19 very seriously. As you are here to know whether your immune system is capable enough to encounter Covid-19 or coronavirus then you will be glad to know that you are in the right place. Here we will give the best answer to your question. Our only request is just read all the information without skipping anything. After all, it is related to covid-19 that you obviously don’t take lightly.

    So before you make any assumption we want to clear up things in advance so you will not waste your time by keeping some false hopes. Know that currently there is no test or method available that tells you that your immune system is powerful enough to defeat covid-19. In reality, many still speculate whether good immunity is really helpful in defeating covid-19.

    In this, make a note that currently, good immunity is what most experts are recommending to take care of. If your immunity is good then you are more likely to recover from corona virus just in case you get caught from it. We know you are already aware of this but as far you want to know how you can test your immunity level then unfortunately you won’t be able to get the right answer.

    Anyway, don’t feel sad. Just shift your focus to get stronger immunity. Here we would like to suggest some tips that help you to boost your immunity amid a pandemic.

    Sugarcane Juice

    You will not struggle to find sugarcane juice as it can be easily available in the market. Sugarcane juice detoxifies and cleans your liver that you defiantly require to get some immunity boost. To get most from it prefer having it between two meals. Meanwhile, try eating some raw sugarcane just in case you want to add some excitement.

    Stay Hydrated

    We all know that how much water is important for our body but the real fact is we are still running away from it. If you are the one whose water intake is very low then you need to immediately increase your water intake.

    Water helps flush out the all bad toxins from your body. Before you get started it is important for you to know that there are some major misconceptions associated for instance many sources may claim to have 6 to 8 liters of water while it is not necessary if you are getting water from other resources.

    Turmeric Milk

    Many might unaware of the fact but turmeric milk is also called golden milk and definitely you don’t want to know the reason. Turmeric milk is quite famous in Indian homes and is served on a prime basis in case of any illness or cuts or wounds.

    Making turmeric milk is quite easy as you just need two things; milk and turmeric. Boil the milk and add one-fourth teaspoon of turmeric to it. Yes, it is enough for one glass of milk. Drink it lukewarm.

    To add more taste you can add jaggery and saffron. Meanwhile, these two also boost benefits.

    So friends these are some tips to counter pandemic. We are not promising that these will help you out but it is for sure that the above tips will simply boost your immunity. We recommend you to share this information as much as possible so the needy ones get instant help.